Projects and Seat Time

What will we be doing?

Photo by Doug (1541) Miller

It's hard tellin' what you may find Bill Darr doing at any CubFest.  He is always right there to lend a hand no matter what the project may be.  Here he is removing a transmission shifter to put on another after a Cub had gotten a replacement trans.

Anything you have that needs to be done is welcome. 

Unsure how to perform a certain repair? Bring your Cub or the component needing repair and the parts needed to repair it.  We will have several different projects to work on as well as experienced members on hand to guide you.

If you have a project drop me a line and I'll add it to the list.  Someone may have any special tools that could be needed for your project such as carb jigs or Gas Tank Lip Re-forming Tool.

I have a rivet machine on hand.  If your sickle mower is in need of new knives this is a great time to replace them quickly and easily.

If you have a major repair you want to do, please make sure you have ample time to do it.  If you need help with a project someone will be here who can assist.  Many of the experienced fellas will gladly show you how a repair is made. Just remember, they can't help everybody if there are too many, but they sure try.

Photo courtesy of Darrell (Bigdog) Rattliff

Steve, Gary, Jeff and Charley workin' and learnin' with something that was importantant. Whether you came to help or you just want to learn, this is the place to do it.   

Someone will have a carb jig to straighten out those warped carburetors and surely there will be a helicoil kit around so if you have those nasty stripped threads this is the time to get them redone.

Is your Cub still sporting one of those dangerous rubber fuel lines.  Grab a 20" length of 5/16 steel brake line from NAPA along with a couple of ferrules to fit it.  Someone here will work with you to reform it so you can go home with a nice metal fuel line.

Remember, CubFests are always a learning experience.  You don't have to bring anything to the Bash to work on.  A willingness to learn and make new friends is reason enough to attend.  You can rest assured that will happen at any CubFest.

Seat time:  Much of our garden should be planted by time the Bash rolls around, but there might be a small area (about 75 X 50') to plow. It ain't much but it will help the newbies wanting to learn. 

The grass should be the right height to get some sickle mowing in unless the grass really takes off earlier and  have to cut sooner.  We will let some of the back lot grow for now to see if it will be high enough.

Projects Planned:

Note: Make sure you bring the parts needed for any repairs you plan to perform. Basic supplies such as nuts, bolts, gasket sealer etc will be here.

If you have a project that needs done shoot me an email or PM and I will add it to the blackboard so others can see what is going on.

If there is a certain repair you would like to learn let me know that too. We will try to have some one show you or explain it.

So, what's gonna be here to help with your repairs?  Well, so far here is a little bit of what you will find:

bullet I will have rivet tool for sickle mowers and if my sharpener works we can touch up a few blades.
bullet 20 ton press
bullet An "A" frame
bullet engine hoist
bullet Many hand tools.
bullet Mig Welder.
bullet Radiator Tester

This looks to be a great opportunity for many to learn more about how to repair their Cub.


The weekend is really shaping up! Don't miss it!