The Lay Of The Land

Once you get here you'll wonder where you should go with your vehicle.  No problem, we will get you in and get you parked.  Due to the activity going on in the barnyard we ask that cars/trucks/vans not pulling a trailer  to please park in the grass on our corner lot.  Campers and anything with a trailer can go through the gate to set up or unload.  This will save a lot of congestion and confusion, especially if the grass is wet.  Take it from those here last year, it does get soft 'n' slick. We may make a few changes to the layout depending on conditions, but this will pretty much be how it will be.

Once you get here, you can look me up and we will point you in the right direction if need be.  Your fun and safety are our main goal.  Rosie and I are sure we will attain that.

We have about an acre that hopefully will be ready if anyone wants to test a sickle mower. By Saturday anyone wanting to play can mow the field down.  There is less than 1/4 acre to plow, but for what there is you can have at it. We will probably let the guys test their plows here also before finishing the ground off. This way anyone learning to set up their equipment or wanting to try it out will have a place to do it.

With that said, here is the tentative lay out for the weekend. 

The barnyard is totally fenced, so entry is only through the gate by the house.  You can come in either driveway, but if you have a trailer it would be best to come in the drive off Oxford Road so you have a straight shot through the gate.