Your Host and Hostess For This Enjoyable Weekend

Don't be kornfused!


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We are Bill and Rosanne Weisbrodt (I'm Bill and she's Rosanne) and we welcome you to our home and barnyard. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and if there is anything we can do during your visit please give us a shout.  This year we are hosting the third annual Barnyard Bash CubFest and we aim to see to it that everyone has a great time.


Last year we had over sixty people in attendance in a two day period.  It was a lot of fun putting this together, but the best part was watching everyone enjoy themselves.  The easy part is saying "Let's host a Cubfest"! Then it just gets easier after that.  As with any Cubfest, it's success is based on you, the guest. You actually put on the show. You make it what it is. 


Whether you are here to get your hands dirty or simply come to watch and learn, you are most welcome.  Some come to give all the help they can while others are here for that help.  That is what makes a Cubfest the fun thing that it is.  Everybody here benefits in some small way.


CubFests are meant to be a time for all to enjoy the company of one another as well as play with the Cubs that brought us together.  We intend to provide the place to do that.  If you have fun, then Rosie and I will have done our job. So enjoy yourselves! When the weekend comes to a close and you finally have to head home, please leave happy!