Chow Time



Breakfast will be on your own for all days.  There are several restaurants near the motels that have great breakfasts. Some of the folks camping will be making their breakfast on the porch at the house.  Please keep in mind this is not part of the Bash. They bought that food for themselves.  Please be courteous and ask before helping yourself to their meal.



Side Dishes, Yummmm!!!!!

Anyone wishing to add a side to any meal is welcome to do so. We will have all the bread and buns as well as some snacks donated.  If you wish to bring a covered side dish feel free to do so.



Currently the schedule looks something like this:



If you get into town early feel free to stop in. I will be working around the barnyard getting ready. No meals are planned at the moment so you will be on your own.  Weather permitting, the campfire should be going around dark.


Friday Morning:

Photo by Barnyard

Nobody left hungry when the spread hit the table. The girls kept the chow coming for everyone. There will be plenty more in 2013.

Anytime in the morning is good to start.  The gate should be open around 8:00 AM. We will provide pastries for the sweet tooth along with coffee, juice and milk.


Friday Noon:

We’ll take a break for lunch.  We will have a meat tray and side dishes to help you get through the day. We will follow this with more work on the Cubs and chatting with friends.


Friday Dinner:

We haven't settled on what we will be having for dinner this year.  Whatever it is we know there will be plenty of it.  Afterwards you are free to hang out and tell your favorite lie story as many of the folks hang out in the shop or sit around the fire pit for some evening chat.


Saturday Morning:

This will pretty much be the same as Friday morning.  Get here early and help us finish off yesterday's stale jelly rolls.  Just kidding...I think!  Look at it this way, no one is gonna lick the icing off of them and put them back like some people do...I think!


More work/play with the Cubs, including many stories, some believable some maybe not.  All the fun things you have come to expect.

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Saturday Noon:

We will fire up the grill with burgers, brats, metts and dogs. The chicken breast sandwiches went over well so we will definitely have those back on the grill or however you care for them. We will have plenty side dishes to go with this. There will be plenty to eat for everyone.  Any one wishing to add a side is welcome to do so.


Then it is back to doing whatever you please.  Fun is the topic for the weekend so this is the time to enjoy it.


Saturday Evening:

We will have something to eat but we are unsure what it will be at this time.  It depends on what Jeff Silvey runs over on his way here.  Last year we had so much left over from the other three meals we finished that off.  Who knows what else will hit the table. Ideas are more than welcome. This will be followed by more fireside chats or what ever suits your fancy.


Sunday:  Campers and those leaving their trailers will be packing up.  There are no activities planned but you are welcome to drop by.


Snacks, water and soft drinks will be provided through out both days.


Of course this menu is subject to change.