Wives, Kids And Pets

At The Barnyard Bash


Wives and girlfriends (but not both at the same time) as well as the kids and pets are welcome.


The ladies usually get together and chat.  Nothing special is planned at the moment but you never know. Ideas are more than welcome.


The barnyard is big enough for the kids to have fun.


Pack the family and bring 'em along! Everybody is always welcome in the barnyard.


Rosanne and I want everyone to enjoy the weekend at the Bash, but we need your help.  What is there to do for those not into the Cubs as much as us guys?



There will be other wives at the Bash.  Most of the time, they will sit and chat about anything and everything.  They support the guys with the goodies they bring for us to snack on.  They wander out to the barn or shop and check things out.  Last year they even fired up the grill and made sure everybody had a good meal.  Not that we invited them for that reason.  They just wanted to help in their own way.


If they are bargain hunters there are usually several yard sales going on that they can check out on Friday morning.  About six miles away is the Miamitown Flea Market. It is easy to get to and you never know what will be found there. There are also several antiques shops they will pass along the way to the flea market. In the past some of the ladies went to the nursery down the road and picked out house plants


This is great, but what if the women arenít into this stuff?  What else is there for them to do?  That is one area where your help is needed.  We are all ears and ready to listen to any ideas the other wives may have.  Fell free to let us know what you think will work.

In other words ďWhat do they want to do?Ē


The Kids

Bring the kids!  But, we need ideas for them too.  What would be good to keep them from becoming bored and wanting to go home early?  We have plenty of room for them to run we just donít have much else.


Last year the boys found enough to keep them busy and stay out of trouble at the same time.  Living along a country road as we do it is not a good place to ride bikes for the younger kids.  We donít mind the bikes in the yard or drive though if that works for them. However there is a county park walking and riding trail available within a half mile with. 



Many people hate to leave Bowser home alone or with some stranger in a kennel.  We fully understand that.  Your pet is welcome to spend the weekend with us, unless of course your pet likes other pets for dinner.  Keep in mind, everyone elseís pet is welcome too so you will need to make sure they get along or can be separated from others.


We have three Border Collies that will be kept in their dog run for the weekend. They can be very protective of me and Rosie so they tend not to be attracted to strangers or other pets.  For that reason we will keep them penned at least for the first day. Donít worry, they are not attack dogs and you and your kids will be fine.  They got along great with everyone last year.


All in all we look for this to be a great weekend of fun for all.  Our goal is to see you go home happy and wanting to come back next year.


If you have any ideas, questions or concerns please donít hesitate to contact us.