The 2022 Barnyard Bash was another great success.  The pandemic of 2021 was just a memory and Cub fans began to omce again enjoy CubFests. We still had over sixty people each day and plenty of projects to make it a fun time.  Hopefully, this year will be even better and we can get back to our normal 70 - 80 attendees. The shop stayed full both days with folks working on their tractors or lending a hand on others.  A lot of Cub repairs were completed, stories told, and food consumed.  Rosie and I cant wait to get it all going again in 2023. With that in mind, mark your calendar and plan to attend June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2023


Of course many of you are probably asking

"What is the Barnyard Bash?"


The Bash is not your typical tractor show!


The Barnyard Bash is based on all CubFests that are held around the country by and for Farmall Cub and Cub Cadet enthusiasts who work together to preserve these little tractors, although you do not have to own a Cub to attend.  A CubFest such as the Bash is similar to a combination workshop/family picnic.  Quite simply it is a gathering of Cub fans to exchange their knowledge of the Cub or Cadet and have fun while doing it.


Currently in
the barnyard it is


When: June 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2023

Where: Harrison, Ohio (20 minutes west of Cincinnati)


Rosie and I have a blast hosting this ever growing CubFest and we can't wait to open the gates to our many Cub friends as well as new ones.  The fun is always in the camaraderie that is shown towards each other.  It is folks just like you that make this the success that it has become.




So Who Really Comes To These Things?

Well, in past years we have had guests

from the following areas


Alabama Kentucky Missouri Oklahoma
Arizona Louisiana New Jersey S. Carolina
Canada Maryland New York Tennessee
Colorado Massechusetts Nebraska W. Virginia
Florida Michigan North Carolina Wisconsin
Indiana Minnesota Ohio Virginia

Saying it is too far for you to drive doesn't really hold true.


Everybody had something to do

Projects are usually scattered across three bays of the shop. Everybody keeps busy helping each other with whatever was needed or teaching newcomers some of the tricks to working on a Cub.  A lot of knowledge gets shared at these events, so you never want to miss what's going on.



This is an older view of the barnyard.  There's plenty of room for everyone.



Here we are from a satellite's view.


Use of alcohol: This CubFest, just as all CubFests, is a family oriented event.  Children will be present.  Alcohol is not forbidden at this event, however, Rosanne and I ask that if consumed, it be as discreetly as possible and in moderation.


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