Saturday at the Bash


Well we got through the week end with out any rain.  It started out looking bad, but Big Dog pushed the sun all the way down to the barnyard.  A great time was had by everybody who made it.


Rick Spivey and George Hibbs enjoy their morning coffee before diving in to today's festivities.



Rick Spivey & Ralph do their thing while Andrew puts the steering back together.



The Shop turned out pretty good for being a rush job.  There's plenty of room for two Cubs.



While the guys worked on the Cubs, the girls worked on getting the burgers ready.



The weather was nice all week end.  Those weather guys missed their mark by miles.




Camo stops to comfort "Flash" after she was run over by a Ferguson that tried to crash the party.  No. I'm just kidding.  Flash was just taking a nap and Camo wanted to pet her.



Ralph checks the belt tension on Barnyard's flail mower as Rick Spivey tries it out.



The shop had plenty of visitors throughout the day.



Ralph strikes up the torch to begin the process of removing the hood from Barnyard's Cub, "Suzie Q".



Ralph explains that the best way to figure out the problem is to pull the head.  Well at least we know he has the experience.



One of the causes of the problem may have been this well used rain cap.  The new one on the left should provide many years of protection.



"Suzy Q" is back together but is still hard to start.  A short tow by Andrew and she was off and running.  A lot of carbon was blown out but, wow, did she ever run good after that.


Fun, food and laughter.  It doesn't get any better than this.



L-R Front Row - Ron (Eviel Boweviel) Selzer, Ralph Napier, Austin Meredith, Rex Napier.


Second Row – Darrell (Big Dog) Ratliff, Bill (Barnyard) Weisbrodt, Larry G, Jeff Silvey, Sam Price, George Hibbs, John (Lil’ Dog) Ratliff, Josh (Podge, Deputy Jailer) Meredith, Andrew Spivey, Rick Spivey, Butch Zell,  Jeff (Slo) Kinney, Rick (billyandmillie) Prentice, Bill Darr.


Back Row – Connie Napier, Rosanne Weisbrodt, Janelle Selzer, Sheri Ratliff, Agnes Darr, Melissa (Mmonster) Kinney, Janet Ratliff, Mikey Ratliff, Shelly Kinney.


Not Shown - Denny ('60 Lo-Boy) & Candy, Coleman Meredith, Lance Lietzel & Sons and of course our photographer, Ralph (Camo) Napier II.


The gangs all here.  This was a fantastic turn out.  A lot of fun and laughs.  The idea was to pose in front of the two Cubs loaded on the trailer in order to showcase them too.  Well, there were so many of us we blocked out the Cubs,  Sorta like a total "Cubbal Eclipse".

Thanks to everyone who could make it.  Mark your calendars now for "Bash II" next year at this time.


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