Friday at the Bash


Rick Prentice had his hands full with carb repairs.  Rick Spivey removed just about everything on his Cub but the hood.  Denny got much needed helicoils.  Bigdog. Ralph, Bill Darr and George Hibbs dispensed much needed advice.  The women sat around a laughed and had a good time. And the aroma of lasagna filled the air.


That means The Barnyard Bash was going great.  If you missed day one you don't wanna miss day two.


The biggest excitement came late after most everyone left for the day.  Rick Prentice came out of the barn and saw what he thought was steam coming from my #5 after it had died and Andrew and I had towed it to the shop.  As he got closer he heard it snapping and popping coming from the coil.  The switch was still on so he shut it off and the popping stopped.  Here's a tip for you guys that own multiple Cubs but only a few batteries. Always remember which ones are 6 volt and which ones are 12 volt. I had swapped battery's and wasn't paying attention. I'll get a new coil soon. Rick saved my Cub today.


See you all tomorrow for round two!


A shot at some of the Cubs in the barnyard.



The weather was very cooperative on Friday.  Now lets hope for the same on Saturday.


Now if that tree hadn't have been there this would have been a great shot of the shop.


Bigdog assists Rick Spivey with a bearing replacement while Ralph and Butch Zell look on.


No, Ralph is not doing a "Pole Dance" while Rick offers him a tip.  Ralph shows how to seat a bearing when the press is not available.


Bigdog, Andrew, Rick and Denny enjoy a little break in the barnyard.



Denny, Rick Prentice and Butch load up the plates after a busy morning in the shop.


Bigdog was the Big Winner when we handed out the Friday door prizes. No, No, not really!  That is just sitting there waiting to be used.


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